Don’t Let Winter Break Stress You Out


Contributed by: Iowa College Access Network

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Winter break is a blessing for many reasons. The end of the fall semester is a celebration and having winter break is a chance to relax, rest, and refocus. The best advice for winter break is to try not to fill it up with so many to-dos that you get all stressed and anxious again before school starts back up.

During break, take time to catch up with friends, spend some time with your family, and just unwind from the stress of the semester. While winter break is a great time to keep up on community commitments such as volunteering, it’s important to take some time for you as well.

“Me time” is often over-looked during this busy season. After all, it is the season of giving and thinking of others. However, not taking time for yourself can lead to stress and anxiety, which is not part of the recipe for a successful start to the new semester.

So yes, give back with some community service. Spend some time working on scholarship applications. Reconnect with friends and family. But remember to take some time and do something for yourself.

Here are some suggested winter break activities:

  • Sleep in – not every day but give yourself some time to just sleep.
  • Eat – take advantage and eat as much of that home-cooked holiday fare as you can. Good, wholesome, home-cooked food is the best, just go easy on the desserts!
  • Read a book – winter is a great time to curl up under a blanket and read a book for fun. Pick something that interests you and that is fun – not part of a study group.
  • Go out to a movie or see a play – get out and enjoy the community. See a movie or head to a local community theatre for a holiday production.
  • Play a board game – board games are a great way to connect with friends and family. Dig out old family favorites and grab something new.
  • Disconnect from tech – give yourself some time away from computers, tablets and even your phone. Reconnect with the real world and leave the screen for another day.

Enjoy winter break – you deserve it.