Summer Break and Job Search


Summer is nearly here and with that comes the burning question for students: what to do over summer break?

The idea of lounging by the pool or on the couch sounds tempting, but it’s probably not the best way to spend the entire summer. A three-month break from term papers and exams is a chance to seek out opportunities that offer you the chance to use some of that knowledge you’ve picked up during the past year. Yes it pads your resume a bit, but it also offers up a lot of learning in the soft skills side of life.

In today’s high-tech, virtual world, the art of in-person communication is fading. People with interpersonal skills are a hot commodity so taking on a summer job with interaction, like serving at a restaurant or working retail will provide you with an immense amount of soft skill action.

If you’re looking for something a little more akin to your future career, think about internships for local businesses that relate to the career path you’ve chosen. Check in with the career center on campus and see what businesses are seeking students from your school. There are also online job searches such as that can tailor jobs to search key words and locations.

By: Iowa College Access Network

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